How to Use Spelling Power in your homeschool

How to Use Spelling Power in your Homeschool

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Spelling Power isn’t hard to use and it’s a minimalist dream come true.

I recently got my hands on a Spelling Power book from another homeschool mom and I couldn’t be more please with it.

It’s one spelling book, for every grade and every age!

I am kinda a miniamlist and I don’t normally like curriculum with tons of bells and whistles.

It’s too much to keep track of and go through everyday.

Spelling Power is really an all in one spelling program for every child.

Let’s go over how I use Spelling Power in our home.

How to Use Spelling Power

I should note, I do not use Spelling Power exactly how the author intends. It’s a bit overcomplicated in my opinion.

I like to keep things as simple as possible.

Notebook paper and a pencil are plenty fine, you don’t need the special papers at the back of the book.

Survey Test for Spelling Power

First, I give my kids the survey test. I simply say the word orally and they write it down the best they can.

After they get to a spot in the list they can’t spell 3 or more words in a row we stop.

I count how many words they got correct and use the placement chart to go to the proper placement test.

(The chart is on the following page and very easy to find.)

Spelling Power survey test

Placement Test for Spelling Power

Next, I give my child the placement test words.

I count how many they got wrong this time and use the table at the bottom of the page to tell me where to go.

This gives you what level your child is on ranging from A-K.

That is where you will start for the year!

Spelling Power Placement test

Using Spelling Power with Younger Kids

I use simple notebooks and pencils for our family.

If you have younger children, you could easily use:

  • magnet letters
  • wooden letters
  • playdough
  • sand

To help your child spell the words and use their hands to learn.

Daily Spelling Power Lesson

I start with the first list on the level my child is at and read them the words.

If they know most of the words on that list, we move on to the next list the next day.

When we get to a spot where my child is misspelling words, then we stop on that list.

Those are our words for the week to practice.

I use one list a week but you could break it in half for younger kids.

My child writes the words several times to practice.

For younger kids, they could also use magnet letters to spell the word.

At the end of the week I check their progress and see if we can move on to the next list!

Why I Love Spelling Power

I adore that I can use one book for all of my children.

We love to learn family style, teaching multiple children together.

Having 4 children, I can’t teach separate curriculum for each child. That would be overwhelming.

With Spelling Power, I can grab the book and take 5 minute turns with each child for their spelling and we are done.

It’s simple and cost effective.

I grabbed my Spelling Power book used and only paid $20 for it.

Spelling Power couldn’t be more simple and effective if you have a large family.

Note: There are about 100 pages at the beginning of the book talking about spelling and how to use the program.

I didn’t use any of this!

I just gave the survey test, then placement test to my child to find their level and we started the lessons.


Let me know how you use Spelling Power in your homeschool below.

Thanks for sharing!

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    Thank you so much for this video! It really helped simplify the program. Very much appreciated!

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