Fun first day of homeschool traditions

Fun First Day of Homeschool Traditions

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Are you looking for a fun activity to start your first day of homeschool traditions?

Maybe you have already started this year but you want a fun day to break up those math lessons?

One of the beautiful things about homeschooling is having the freedom to rearrange your schedule or even go out for the day.

My younger kids always looked forward to that first day of school but now that they are older (teens) the thrill of new markers has left.

I still want to make the day special even though they know there are chemistry lessons coming.

Many families will celebrate the fact that they are not sending their kids off to school but still get to spend time with them.

I’ve compiled a list of fun first day of homeschool traditions for you to adopt or even add in later on in the year.

Fun First Day of Homeschool Traditions

Have a special breakfast

What do your kids love for breakfast but you never make? Celebrating with a special breakfast is fun for everyone.

If you are not a fan of cooking (like me) you can take them out to breakfast.

If you’re short on time you could get a doughnut at a coffee shop instead of a full breakfast.

Watch the sunrise

This one may depend on how early your kids get up but if you will be awake anyway you could go to the beach or a park to watch the sunrise.

Bring some doughnuts and coffee to make this more enjoyable.

Homeschooling can be a very natural green lifestyle.

Plan a few outing activities

  • Ride bikes
  • Go to the park
  • Eat lunch downtown
  • Go swimming
  • Visit a museum
  • Go to the park

Why not start out the year with a field trip?

It doesn’t have to be a large expensive trip, visit somewhere local and then go grab lunch together.

After school, you could take the kids out for ice cream to celebrate that first day.

It’s fun to get those outings in before the cold weather comes. Just because you are homeschooling doesn’t mean you can’t get outside.

We have even taken our books to the park for the afternoon.

Give them a gift

Kids of any age love getting presents and it can make that first day more memorable.

You could save some of the “fun” school supplies like paints for example and present them in a new backpack.

How about a mug or cup with their name on it filled with new pencils or markers.

You could give them a new back to school outfit or something for their rooms.

The ideas are endless here so think about your child’s unique interests and likes.

A family gift could be fun like a season pass to the zoo for the year.

Get together with friends

You could always link up with another homeschooling family and do lunch together or find an outdoor activity to do with them.

Seeing friends is always fun on the first day.

Make a project

If you want to stay home for your first day you could make a project together as a family.

This might vary depending on your kid’s ages but here are a few ideas.

  • Bake a cake to eat after school
  • Make icecream together
  • Decorate your homeschool area together
  • Fingerpaint the first day of school picture together
  • Take photos of your kids with fun or silly props
  • Create a video with interview questions

Whatever you do make sure it fits your unique families style and remember you can add these fun days in throughout the year to keep things fresh.

Tips for that first week of school

Whatever you choose to do that first day, your kids will feel special and loved that you thought of them.

They really just want your time and attention so the “activity” matters less than you think.

I normally ease into lessons a little bit at a time.

That first day we usually only do half the subjects like history and science.

I add Math and English later on in the week so all the subjects are not dumped on them at once.

Depending on your kid’s ages you may want to ease them into their full lessons.

Let us know in the comments below what fun first day of homeschool traditions you have for your family.

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Fun First Day of homeschool traditions

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  1. I like all of your suggestions. I would add that we also like to try to include Dad in the first day of school activities. When my kids were very little, my hubs and I surprised the kids by coming downstairs to breakfast in togas to introduce the history theme for the year! They were hysterical.

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