create a homeschool morning book basket

Create a Homeschool Morning Book Basket

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Creating a homeschool morning book basket was a game changer for our family.

With 4 kids running around full of energy, I just could’t seem to get a handle on our mornings.

I wanted to have time to drink some coffee and gather my thoughts before the kids ran wild but it was hard to get up before my early risers.

This is where a homeschool morning book basket came in to save the day.

How to Create a Homeschool Morning Book Basket

First off, your book basket doesn’t have to be just books.

It’s a collection of fun quite time items for your kids to learn and explore on their own in the morning before you start your homeschool lessons.

By rotating the items by week or month (depending on ages) you can help your kids to learn quietly in the early morning.

You will have to adjust your homeschool morning book basket based on your kids ages.

A preschool basket will differ greatly from a basket for middle schoolers.

Pick out a book basket

I actually used a large basket in our home for a long time but you can use anything you have on hand.

You could use a large crate, basket, bookshelf, or other large container to sit in your living room, kitchen, or your kids room.

If you can’t think of any item you have on hand here are some “basket” ideas from Amazon. (These items are affiliate links).

This Extra Large Rope Basket is perfect for filling with books and quiet activities for your family.

If you didn’t want to use a basket you could use a wooden crate or small bookshelf.

quiet time toys

Quiet book basket activity items

Having some hands-on activity items is a must for your book basket.

It gives your children time to be creative with their hands and use their imagination.

Let’s take a look at some fantastic items you could include in your basket.

Geography Puzzles

There are a variety of geography puzzles to help your children learn maps and where different countries are located.

For younger kids, I love this Melissa & Doug USA Map Floor Puzzle which includes 51 pieces and is great for lower elementary age.

Geotoys has a set of 6 Geopuzzles that explore different countries and regions.

You could rotate through each puzzle every few weeks and by the end of the year, your kids will know where all the countries are.

Pattern Blocks

This Wooden Pattern Block Set is fun for so many ages.

It comes with cards to build the patterns but you can also just free play and create whatever you want.

My kids played with these blocks for hours and hours and it’s great for math spacial skills.

Doodle Board

This Large Magnetic Doodle Board lets your kids draw without any mess. They can draw pictures or practice their letters on the board.

Lacing & Tracing Cards

For younger children, these Lacing & Tracing Cards teach good hand-eye coordination and are just fun.

They come in a variety of animal shapes and letters for kids to lace and explore.

Soft Felt Play Books

These Soft Felt Play Books are adorable and perfect for your homeschool morning book basket.

Better suited for lower elementary or preschool, felt books provide quiet learning and use of imagination.

Books for Your Homeschool Book Basket

What books you choose for your morning book basket will greatly depend on the ages of your children and what you are studying for the year.

We use our local library to add books to our basket.

Since books need to be rotated frequently, it’s way more cost effective to rent your books from your local library.

I keep my finances for the items above like pattern blocks and geography puzzles which can be used for a long while.

Fiction and Nonfiction Books

I try to add some age appropriate fiction and non fiction books to the book basket with a focus on picture heavy books.

I also try to tie in what we are learning in our history and science with the book choices.

How to Implement Your Homeschool Morning Book Basket

Younger kids like preschool will need a shorter book basket time than upper elementary age.

In general we aimed for 45 min of book basket time which allowed the kids to play and explore with a few different items before we put them away.

After the kids wake up in the morning you can choose if your book basket is done before or after chores.

You could do morning chores, book basket, read aloud, homeschool lessons or start out with your book basket.

It may take a few days for your kids to adjust and they may hop up and walk away.

Gently guide them back to the book basket area with their favorite blanket or stuffed animal.

Soon they will look forward to playing with the book basket items.

Personally, I put the basket up after the time is over. Otherwise, they will get it back out and eventually get bored with having it around all day.

By putting it away and getting it out (of a closet) for example, the items in the basket stay fresh and exciting.

Remember this is your homeschool morning book basket. You can choose what goes inside and if your basket has a theme or topic of interest.

Topic Ideas for your book basket

  • Seasons
  • Space
  • Farm/animals
  • Ocean
  • 1800’s
  • Ancient history
  • Pick a country
  • Cultures
  • Food
  • Forgiveness
  • Anatomy
  • Thankfulness
  • America/ Presidents
  • Holidays

I do provide a devotional in the book basket that I want our older children to read by themselves.

Right now we are doing Love Does by Bob Goff and we are loving it.

It’s perfect for my 10yo and my 12yo daughters to read by themselves and full of heartfelt stories about the love of God.

Whatever you provide in your homeschool morning book basket, make sure it fits your families needs and beliefs.

It’s a great way to encourage independent play and gives you time to do whatever you need to get done.

My kids have so many memories of the book baskets over the years and they look forward to helping me pick out things to add to it.

Need help with your morning book basket?

These Morning Time Plans are already for you with book lists, and a light daily schedule that follows a theme.

I love the seasonal theme for Fall Morning Time Plans and have found it to be a sweet way to add in art and music to our homeschool.

There are also Morning Time Plans for History and even Preschool Plans.

If you are a mom who wants a book list to take to the library and a light “what to do” type schedule, you will love these morning plans.

homeschool morning book basket

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