christian liberty press curriculum reviews

Christian Liberty Press Curriculum Reviews

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I’m giving you my Christian Liberty Press Curriculum reviews for the items I have used through them.

Christian Liberty Press is a curriculum publisher that makes traditional style curriculum.

They sell individual textbooks with lesson plans, full grade curriculum kits, and offer testing services.

Since we are more of an eclectic style homeschool household, I have ordered bits and pieces of their curriculum and not an entire grade level.

Before I go over the individual items I would like to list off some pros and cons of Christian Liberty Press Curriculum.

Pros and Cons of Christian Liberty Press Curriculum


Christian Liberty Press curriculum is very inexpensive.

Most of their textbooks range from $10-20 and the lesson plans for the year are around $5.

It’s a great choice if you are looking for textbook style learning and you are on a budget.

They make lesson plans for Abeka and BJU material that is more open and go with less busywork.

The younger grades textbooks are full of bright pictures.

All most all of their books include a small reading section and comprehension questions.

Workbook/textbook style learning keeps things simple and it’s not time-consuming.

It’s a good beginner curriculum for families that are not ready to venture into unit studies or Charlotte Mason style homeschooling.


For us personally, we find textbook style learning dry and boring if it’s used for every subject.

More like traditional school where facts are memorized over critical thinking skills.

It’s hard to use for multiple students because all of your kids would have a separate science, history and language arts.

Very little hands-on learning or experiments are included in the lessons.

You could always find projects to go along with the lessons but it would be time consuming for you as a mom to schedule the projects and gather materials.

Christian Liberty Press Curriculum Reviews

Christian liberty press history review

History is probably the most popular books used from Christian Liberty Press.

The younger grades are full of bright photos and they use historical fiction instead of dry facts.

After a short story, there are comprehension questions that can be answered and eventually a test if you choose to purchase those.

It’s very much like public school curriculum with the exception of some Christian view points included.

I have used a few of their books as a spine and we added in living books from the library to give the curriculum more life and coverage.

The younger grades are very light and could use some supplementation.

The readers from Christian Liberty Press are full of short stories from the same historical time period being studied and have comprehension questions to answer afterword on a separate sheet of paper.

I have found the older grades a little too dry for us as a stand-alone history curriculum.

We did use it as a spine in My Father’s World Curriculum with other living books added in.

Exploring American History textbook
Exploring American History Textbook

Adventures in Phonics

Christian Liberty Press Adventures in Phonics is a workbook style phonics lesson and I think you can run it without the teachers manual.

Your child would do a page or two of the workbook which teaches letter sounds, short vowel words, and then long vowel words.

The Kindergarten book reaches long vowel words by the end of the year which may move a little fast for some students if they are starting with no knowledge of letter sounds.

The book reinforces handwriting and basic sentence structure when the student prints the words to match the pictures.

There are a few phonics readers you can get with the Adventures in Phonics workbooks to go along with the workbook.

Adventures in Phonics workbook
Adventures in Phonics

Christian Liberty Press does create preschool curriculum which I found to be nice for your younger students who want to “do school” without ordering a huge time consuming package kit.

It contains basic worksheets that focus on letters and colors in a fun engaging way.

They also have lower level science and math textbooks for grades K-3rd but switch to other publishing companies like Abeka, Apologia, and BJU for older grades.

Christian Liberty Press Family Plan

The Family Plan offered by CLP gives you more assistance if you are a new homeschooling family.

It includes:

  • Expert help to set up your curriculum by grade level
  • Achievement/grade level testing and curriculum materials
  • Customer Assistance by email or phone

It does not keep track of grades, transcripts or records for you it just helps you order the right curriculum for your students abilities.

Christian Liberty Press Class Plan

The CLASS plan includes everything in the family plan and is accredited.

  • Grading of tests and daily work
  • Test scores emailed to you
  • Report cards mailed to you
  • CLASS diploma & official transcripts
  • Academic records
  • Assistance with law enforcement and school officials

The Christian Liberty Press CLASS plan is an accredited private school that you are enrolling in.

At graduation, you are eligible to participate in their graduation ceremony.

They use a variety of publishers such as Abeka and Apologia Science to make sure your child fits the curriculum.

You can change a subject mid year if you feel it isn’t a good fit for your child.

Work and tests are submitted for grading throughout the year.

The CLASS plan is good for families that want their children in an accredited program that keeps track of records and issues a diploma.

I have not used the CLASS plan so I don’t have personal experience about their customer service and details about the program.

I do know families who are enrolled and are happy with the curriculum and support.

Christian Liberty Press Review

Overall I think there is a benefit in the Christian Liberty Press materials for families looking for a traditional style approach.

It’s inexpensive with simple lesson plans and very little busywork in the curriculum.

I do recommend it for the lesson plans that go with Abeka and BJU material.

The historical fiction readers are a good addition to any curriculum and can be used as a stand alone supplement.

christian liberty press curriculum reviews

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