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9 Christian Children’s Chapter Book Series

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I’ve put together a list of Christian chapter book series that is not only clean but fun and entertaining for your kids.

We all want to instill a love of reading in our children.

It can be hard to find wholesome books that stir their imagination but don’t take away any of their innocence.

These books can be read alone by your kids or if they are over their reading level, perfect for read-aloud time.

Reading aloud gives your kids the opportunity to listen to you read to them while they play with play dough or legos or just snuggle on the couch. We’ve built so many memories during read-aloud times.

Any of these books would be perfect for a morning homeschool book basket.

I want my children to know the Bible is real and I want to inspire their spirits with good literature. Of course, it doesn’t take the place of the Bible but good books can draw our children closer to the Lord.

So much of our children’s lives are lived on screens now, there’s something special about getting lost in a good book.

9 Christian Children’s Chapter Book Series

All of these books are must-reads in our home and hold Christian values. Some are lighter and some more intense but all are clean.

If the book is over your child’s reading level, consider using it as a read-aloud.

Christian Heros Then and Now

This Christian Heros Then and Now series is absolutely gold. I used these books to read aloud when the kids were little and now that they are older they are re-reading them independently.

I would put them at the middle school level for independent reading.

This series is based on actual Christian missionaries such as Jim Eliot and John Wesley.

Biographies of brave men and women who put their lives on the line for the Lord. It’s an exciting series full of adventure and the Gospel.

We’ve laughed and cried together during these series and they are just great books.

Kingdom Tales

Kingdom Tales is a story we read years ago and I still think about it at least once a week. The storyline has marked me and is probably one of my all-time favorites.

It’s a super engaging adventurous story that explains the Gospel as I have never seen before.

The style is similar to C.S. Lewis, full of adventure, on the edge of your seat excitement. All of my kids loved Kingdom Tales.

I chose to read this book aloud but it could easily be read individually as well. It’s quite intense at times so I would say it’s not for very young readers to read themselves.

Chronicles of Narnia Series

Most of us are familiar with the Chronicles of Narnia series but I couldn’t leave them off of the list. I feel like they are probably the most famous Christian chapter books.

They are full of imagination, a different world, and just fun for the whole family.

I think they make a wonderful read-aloud for elementary years and then they are perfect for middle school book studies. The plot is rich and deep and your children will fall in love with the characters instantly. Don’t forget to watch the movies after you read the books!

Little House Series

My daughter was obsessed with the Little House Series books and it was really the first chapter books she read. They make wonderful starter books when you feel your little ones are ready to read on their own.

Your children can follow the adventure of a little girl as she lives in a world without the TV or the internet.

They are wholesome, educational, and easy to read. We love historical fiction and these are great for younger readers.

Frank E Peretti Piercing the Darkness Set

These Christian books series are definitely high school-age and can be intense. They are clean but depict spiritual warfare in a unique way almost allowing you to see into the unseen realm.

I would describe these books as Christian Sci-Fi for teenagers and adults.

His books are thrilling and intense similar to Lord of the Rings but in modern times.

He does have a series for younger kids called The Cooper Kids which has an Indiana Jones feel to it. Just note that all of his books are appropriate but very intense.

If you have older kids who are bored with “Christian books” and want something heavier but still clean, Frank Peretti is your author. All of his material is so wonderful without being too childish.

The Kingdom Series by Chuck Black

The Kingdom Series books are perfect for pre-teen ages and full of fun sword fights based in Mid evil times. They follow biblical storylines and teach good lessons while still being adventurous.

The author Chuck Black is a master storyteller that doesn’t disappoint.

They make a good read-aloud for very young children or independent reading for middle schoolers.

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls… are 9 books in this series perfect for ages 6-9. They follow actual Old Testament bible stories as if your children were there in those times so they make a great conversation piece for young kids.

Your kids can be transported back in time to “see” the bible stories for themselves.

I would put these books for elementary-age reading and there are some illustrations to bring the book to life.

The Imagination Station Series by Adventures in Odyssey

The Imagination Station books are like The Magic Treehouse but without the magic. Your kids can go back in time on adventures and use their imagination.

Perfect for elementary-aged kids who are reading on their own.

The chapters are short and this series keeps a biblical worldview.

The books are light and fun and contain historical fiction.

The Sugar Creek Gang Series

The Sugar Creek Gang Series are easy-to-read books take place back in the 50s in a quiet little town in Indiana. A perfect set for boys with lots of character development in the storylines.

Very real life, the struggles of childhood, Christian faith, and just great books for young kids to read. I think these are books young children could relate to everyday life situations.

These books are not sci-fi fantasy books but very real-life coming-of-age stories for elementary-aged kids.

Any of the books above would make fabulous gift sets for Christmas or Birthday presents.

It’s so important to start your day off right with your children.

I’ve got a list of Morning Inspirational Bible Verses you could use in your Morning Menu time.

Need more gift ideas? Check out Educational Stocking Stuffers or maybe Children’s Book Gift Ideas.

If you have read any of these series, I’d love to hear your comments below.

Thanks for sharing!

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